State Park Vistas

Maine is home to dozens of state parks that encompass coastal islands, Maine’s highest peaks, and everything in between. Whether you’re searching for an overlook to view the fall foliage or looking to photograph a quintessential Maine lighthouse, this list will point you in the right direction.

Mountain Biking Trails

For the experienced mountain biker or someone simply looking for a new way to explore Maine’s wilderness, these trail systems offer the perfect loops and views for a fall biking excursion.

Oyster Bars

With oyster farms dotting the coastline and rivers, Maine is an oyster lover’s heaven. To enjoy the bounty, turn to these oyster hubs for everything from an island retreat to a full raw-bar experience to a new happy hour.

Scenic Boat Tours

Whether salty or fresh, Maine’s waters offer breathtaking views and intriguing wildlife. Grab your camera and follow our guide for the best ways to see life on the water around the state.

Community Theaters

With new shows every season and talent ranging from budding thespians to experienced performers, these historic community theaters are raising the curtain on Maine’s performing arts.


In the middle of winter, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and fresh baked goods. With an array of talented bakers using local ingredients, Maine’s bakeries offer treats that will satisfy any craving.

Maine Authors

Maine is home to numerous award-winning authors, whose genres range from supernatural fiction to romantic suspense. While diverse in literary styles, these writers all hold one thing in common: a love for Maine.

Food Trucks

Food truck menus are small but mighty, much like the teams that own and operate them. The entrepreneurs behind these mobile restaurants focus on quality ingredients and thoughtful offerings.