A-LIST-November + December 2009
By Joe Ricchio

Fern Hill Farm Chevre
Fresh and lemony, perfect for an afternoon
snack with a bottle of Loire Valley Sancerre.
Found at The Cheese Iron | Scarborough

Monroe Cheese Studio Thistle Blue A mild and creamy English-style blue. Like
many of Maine’s better cheeses, this blue is
very limited but worth seeking out.
Found at Belfast Farmers’ Market

Echo Ridge Organic Coulommier
A cousin to Brie, this cheese possesses rich
and earthy notes. As with most cheeses,
it should be allowed to come to room
temperature to be fully appreciated.
Found at Rosemont Bakery | Portland

Appleton Creamery Goat Cheese
Marinated in olive oil, peppercorns, and
herbs. Slathered on good toasted bread, it’s a
perfect way to kick-start your dinner party
into calorific oblivion.
Found at Aurora Provisions | Portland

Sonnental Dairy Mild Cheddar
A versatile cheddar with a pleasant, nutty
taste. I would call this a perfect “picnic
cheese” if I’d ever been on a picnic.
Found at Royal River Natural Foods | Freeport

Sunset Acres Farm Goat Feta
Bright, salty, and wildly addictive. Though
many fetas are made with cow’s milk these
days, I still think the best are made from
goat’s milk.
Found at Sawyer’s Specialty Market | Southwest Harbor

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