January 2012

Edna and Lucy’s, Pownal

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Joe Ricchio   I can declare with utmost certainty that, after a year of eating my way through a large portion of Edna and Lucy’s delicious offerings, it was the spicy beef chili that … Continue reading

Angie Arndt

Q+A-February Special Wedding Issue 2012 By Sophie Nelson Photograph by Sean Alonzo Harris NAME: Angie Arndt  Age: 53 Occupation: Interfaith minister, teacher, and Dean of CHIME As an interfaith minister, what is your approach to officiating weddings? Being an interfaith chaplain means you’re … Continue reading

Wedding Caterers

EAT FEATURE-February Special Wedding Issue 2012Photographs by Kristin Teig Taste is a wonderful sense. Flavors trigger memories, put smiles on faces, inspire travel, and make falling in love or joining in marriage that much more delicious. But taste alone does not make … Continue reading

Wedding Bands

MUSIC-February Special Wedding Issue 2012 By William Etheridge The vows have been exchanged, the cake has been cut, and now it is time to dance! Nothing sets the mood for a wedding like the music. Whatever your style, Maine magazine … Continue reading

Melissa Crowe

POETRY-February Special Wedding Issue 2012 Poem by Melissa Crowe Edited by Gibson Fay-LeBlanc Artwork by Brittany Lawrance   Hummingbird, 2011, watercolor, 7″ x 12″ “Epithalamium with Humming Bird” Naked as a joy- bird I feel the danger of this happy day … Continue reading

Laura Fuller

SEE-February Special Wedding Issue 2012 By Candace Karu Photograph by Jay York An Artful Wedding Gift: Artist Laura Fuller creates customized stained glass artwork filled with meaningful memorabilia.   Laura Fuller’s Starry Night 2011, porcelain antiques, ammonite fossil, printing stamps, quartz, antique crystal … Continue reading

The Look of Love

WELLNESS-February Special Wedding Issue 2012 By Genevieve Morgan Photograph by Brendan Bullock Be at your most vibrant on your wedding day.   There’s an old saying: All brides are beautiful on their wedding day, and all grooms are princes. While there … Continue reading