November 2015

Azure Café

Somewhere between the quest for discount designer loafers and cold-weather camping gear, you’re going to need a break when shopping in Freeport. You’ve worked up an appetite and maybe an attitude, too. You need a place to soothe those frazzled … Continue reading


There’s a spare elegance about Vinland that is similar to the restaurant’s owner and chef, David Levi. He’s soft-spoken, unhurried, and he thoughtfully chooses his words as he explains his principles and philosophy. He believes strongly in local food that … Continue reading


In the excited flurry of hot new restaurants opening in Portland, it is easy to overlook the older standbys, the reliable stalwarts, the favorites. Walter’s is at the top of that list for so many reasons. One of them is … Continue reading

Louise Rosen | EXECUTIVE + ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Maine Jewish Film Festival

Louise Rosen is the executive and artistic director of the Maine Jewish Film Festival. She is a media executive with over 25 years experience in all areas of the international television and film business. Her projects have included Oscar, Emmy, … Continue reading