November 2016

Village People

The Frongillo family's love of Sunday River starts off-mountain at their historic home in the heart of Bethel.

Dark Sky High

The mountain peaks we ski by day are in relief against the sky, blanketed and tucked away as temperatures dip and darkness falls. Yet, at Sunday River, the mountain scenery can be very much alive after dark—particularly on winter weekends when … Continue reading

Elemental Landscape

In the glacier-carved peaks of western Maine, we find dramatic waterfalls, well-traveled trails, and an ice cave named for an unfortunate moose. Come with us to Grafton Notch.

Sunday River

The Grand Pooh Bear

Sunday River’s competition center is the oldest building on Barker Mountain and it smells like it— sweat-soaked wool, spilled beer, and wet carpet predominate. The walls are nicked by ski boots and covered with jerseys and medals, and the offices … Continue reading

Bethel (Winter)

Prior to this trip, I’ve been on skis once in 13 years, and my boyfriend, Seth, hasn’t been on a snowboard in about 10. As a kid I used to head to Sunday River every weekend on a school trip. … Continue reading

Bethel (Summer)

To set the pace for the weekend ahead, I opt for the slightly loner, scenic drive up Routes 302 and 35, past beautiful Songo Pond in Bethel. Having grown up in the area, I look forward to “coming home” for … Continue reading

Fabulous Femmes at Flanagan’s Table

Krista Kern Desjarlais, Melissa Kelly, Cara Stadler, Ilma Lopez, Kim Rodgers, and Briana Holt would be at the top of any one’s list when discussing culinary talent in Maine. To categorize this group of women as the best “female chefs” … Continue reading


Arata is much more than a seasonal restaurant. It’s chef and entrepreneur Matthew Kenney’s incubator, a place to create and test concepts for other venues. Housed in a flatiron building known as the Gothic, Arata evolved from the restaurant of … Continue reading