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Healthy-eating guru Joe Ricchio provides his favorite 
spots to eat and drink around the state.


Lois’ Natural Marketplace
After three hours on a  NordicTrack, I can’t think of anything more perfect to restore my zest than a tall, bitingly cold Tetra Pak of “all-natural, super-hydrating, fat-free, nutrient-packed, potassium-stacked, mega-electrolyte super coconut water!” I like to strap on my ankle weights while I shop for everything from grass-fed beef to fresh local produce. For an extended workout, I peruse the extensive selection of tea.
152 U.S. Route 1
Scarborough | 207.885.0602

Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe
Sometimes I like to jump rope until I’ve burned off all the calories I consumed during my steamed-broccoli breakfast, and I often need a smoothie to refuel. The ones at Maine Squeeze are the best, and they even come in a variety of colors to match my extensive collection of tracksuits. This is very important, because in order to be successful in life, one must project an image of success at all times.
51/2   Moulton St. | Portland 207.775.6673

Harbor Fish Market
There is something about a grueling synchronized-swimming practice that makes me crave seafood for lunch. The last thing I want to do is let my team down, so to keep me gliding gracefully through the water I stop by the market for some healthy, shell-on Maine shrimp. The process of removing the shells enhances my hand-eye coordination, and in a few hours I’ve prepped enough to make one standard portion.
9 Custom House Wharf
Portland | 207.775.0251

Suzuki’s Sushi Bar
It’s common knowledge that your waistline’s real enemy is carbohydrates. I avoid them like the plague, and opt instead for an array of expertly prepared sashimi. Raw fish makes you feel great, but not as great as the aerobic high that I get from running wind sprints all the way home from Rockland.
419 Main St. | Rockland  207.596.7447

Homegrown Herb + Tea
There is nothing more soothing than sipping hot tea out of a thermos at dawn before practicing Vinyasa yoga on the summit of Bradbury Mountain. I recommend the Hair of the Khan, a blend of orange peel, kudzu flowers, ginseng, sandalwood, and cardamom that was the go-to hangover cure of the Mongolian warrior-drinker Kublai Khan.
195 Congress St. | Portland  207.774.3484

Royal River Natural Foods
Jamming out a solid three sets per body part during an intense sixty-minute workout session will get my cardiovascular system going in a hurry, and I don’t want to lose momentum when I make a quick stop to pick up my regimen of flower essences. Royal River’s excellent selection of groceries eliminates the need for a second shopping trip, letting me get back home to my Shake Weight that much quicker.
443 U.S. Route 1 | Freeport  207.865.0046

Axis Natural Foods
If you’re considering delving into their impressive selection of wines, it’s important to purchase plenty of multivitamin supplements to counteract the harmful effects of alcohol. By adhering to this rule, I find I can still get out of bed for an early-morning spinning class, even after an epic two-glass binge. You’ll find all the necessary supplies at Axis, but remember: always drink responsibly!
120 Center St. | Auburn  207.782.3348

Rosemont Market + Bakery
Back in my formative years, there was a corner store in Yarmouth that served fattening pizza by the slice and an endless selection of sugary drinks. Although they tasted great, they didn’t provide the wholesome nourishment required for this eighth-grade power-lifting champion. If only Rosemont Bakery, now occupying that same location, were there in my youth…I could have been a contender!
96 Main St. | Yarmouth  207.846.1234

New Morning Natural Foods Market + Cafe
When I return from toiling all day in the fields on my organic farm, there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the fruits of my labor brought to market. I often become self-conscious when I notice the reflection in the bakery case of my powerful, glistening biceps about to burst through my flannel shirt, so I decide to get my nourishing bowl of veggie chili to go.
230 Main St. | Biddeford  207.282.1434

Chase’s Daily
While I’m being revived by friends after passing out during a fierce Bikram yoga session, I’m filled with the vision of a healthy, satisfying breakfast. When I finally come around, I find myself propped up in a booth at Chase’s Daily with a cup of black coffee sitting in front of me. Although my first concern should probably be how I got there, I instead tear into a vegetable omelet and some of the best home fries I’ve ever had.
96 Main St. | Belfast | 207.338.0555

Local Sprouts Cafe
I will never forget the time my kendo trainer caught me here, enjoying a gluten-free brownie. He was furious with my lack of discipline, but for the duration of the four-hour beating I subsequently received from him, all I could taste was that delicious brownie. Afterward, while changing out of my sweaty bōgu, I made plans to sneak back for more. This time, though, I will bring my shinai because trouble may arise in the shadow of the lurking dragon.
649 Congress St. | Portland  207.899.3529


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