Fishing Life, Chebeague

Lobster and stories on Chebeague Island and a fishing boat with Alex Todd and his sons—part of a family heritage of more than ten generations on Casco Bay.

Dining Rooms with a View

Maine has its fair share of delectable dishes, but what pairs flawlessly with briny raw-bar options and savory entrees? A beautiful setting -something else Maine has in spades. Here are some scenic destinations where window seats and tables on the

Chebeague: Island Town So Near

The summer natives return year after year, and generation after generation, joining year-round residents who are proudly independent on this Casco Bay island that’s less than two miles by ferry from Yarmouth. The peas are up, and one of the

Leon Hamilton

Q+A-May 2010 Photograph by Leah Fisher Arsenault   NAME: Leon Hamilton Age: 62 Occupation: Licensed boat captain on the Islander How long have you been a captain? Twenty years. But it’s all I’ve ever done, all my life, is run boats. First things I get