March 2014


Stories are everywhere at Lemongrass. In the paintings on the walls that are gifts from patrons. In the framed images of rural Vietnam. And in the various toy scooters that accent tables. Scooters are ubiquitous in Vietnam, so I assume … Continue reading

Pairing Wines Up at Natalie’’s

The idea of pairing wines can be a daunting task, especially since the age-old rules of “red with meat and white with fish” are not completely valid. But it’s simpler than you think. Let’’s start with acidity. When confronted with … Continue reading

Fort Kent

48HRS – March 2014 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Katy Kelleher, Managing Editor   Aroostook Country is remote and wild, beautiful and vast. It’s up north, way up north, where the Canadian border is just a stone’s throw … Continue reading


48HRS – March 2014 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief   Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief Bath is a town rich with artists, music, great food, a strong sense of community and some of the purest and most … Continue reading

Solo Bistro

The setting at Solo Bistro is distinctly modern: Blonde tables are bookended by marigold- and sky blue-colored chairs; area rugs by Angela Adams adorn the brick walls; and Scandinavian flatware grace the tables. Owner Will Neilson credits his wife and … Continue reading


  48HRS, The Online-Only Edition – March 2014 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Jeffrey D’Amico, Advertising Account Manager             Jeffrey D’Amico, Advertising Account Manager   Friday 5:30 p.m. North on I-95 After a … Continue reading

Neighborhood Favorites

There simply isn’t enough space in the magazine to cover all our favorite spots in Maine. Plus, sometimes, our favorite places to eat aren’’t “fine dining” spots per se; —they’re brewpubs and breakfast nooks, wine bars and take-out joints. Consider … Continue reading