April 2016

Local 188

I was lucky to catch Local 188 owner Jay Villani just before he left on a much-anticipated trip to Barcelona, Spain. Joining him are his family and several of his staff, including partner Matt Purington. “I’m looking forward to eating

Masters of Ceremony

A designer and a composer's house in Yarmouth is small in size but big on heart.


When Grace first opened its tall red doors in 2009 it was the hottest spot in town. The opening of the dramatically renovated Gothic Revival-style church on Chestnut Street had been eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint. There was nothing

Henry and Marty

As I was walking into Henry and Marty, I noticed a pickup truck with the license plate “BBIMBOP.” It made me smile and I snapped a photo. Bibimbop is a traditional Korean dish of white rice topped with vegetables, sometimes

Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough + SoPo

Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth is just a seven-and-a-half–mile trip from our offices here at 75 Market in downtown Portland. I am looking forward to this luxurious winter weekend getaway on the oceanfront.

Brunswick + Bath

My husband, Byron, picks me up at the offices of Maine Media Collective and we take off for our weekend in Brunswick and Bath. This short escapade is just what the doctor ordered.