August 2016

Paddle Boarding

Whether by river, lake, or sea, being atop a paddle board affords higher perspective (good for wildlife spotting) and also easy access in and out of the water (making cooling off easy). There are protected, calm harbors and inlets for

Double bogey boat on the water

Hot Rods on the Water

Yachting Solutions in Rockport transforms old boats into modern marvels.


The small brick building in the heart of Lewiston’s mill district is easy to miss if you’re not watching for it. But listen for the music and look for the sunny patio, where there might be a barbecue in full

Five-O Shore Road

Outside on Shore Road in Ogunquit, in the late afternoon heat, tourists are leaving the beach with chairs, tote bags, and sleepy children on shoulders. Inside, at Five-O, all is calm, cool, and relaxed. The popular restaurant, just a block

Rocking the Boat

A father-son team builds a houseboat made for off-the-grid, on-the-water living.