October 2016

The Treehouse

Greg Gilman and I are sitting on the deck of the Treehouse on a recent sunny but cool afternoon. We’re surrounded by greenery—leafy branches overhead and potted plants all around, giving the impression of an actual treehouse. Gilman, eclectically dressed … Continue reading


Building Community Around the Table 

Cape Comeback

A couple returns to Cape Elizabeth—not far from their childhood homes—to start their own family in a beloved beach neighborhood.

Saco + Biddeford

As soon as the clock hits 5 p.m., I head straight for my car, put on my summer adventuring playlist, and get onto 295, ready for a weekend of new people, delicious food, and exploring my beautiful home state.


My boyfriend Adam and I travel north towards Bangor. I went to school at the University of Maine, so I am excited to be heading back to the area I spent so much time in—this time as an adult.

The Next Economy

With unmatched natural resources and yankee ingenuity, Maine has the tools to rise above economic challenges.

Catching the Green Wave

A new generation of sea farmers is expanding markets and creating new industries. 

Enjoying the Royal

Communities collaborate to create access to nature and nourishment for the soul.