June 2017

Susan D. Shaw, DRPH | Founder and Executive Director of the Marine and Environmental Research Institute

As an environmental scientist, Dr. Susan D. Shaw’s work over the last three decades has focused on the toxic exposure of people and animals to hazardous chemicals. In 1980, because of her background in both film and public health, photographer Ansel Adams commissioned her towrite the first

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury | President and CEO of Unity College

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury was the first member of his immediate family to get a degree beyond high school. Growing up in West Africa, he says, higher education was a privilege. “Once I had achieved my bachelor’s degree I realized I wanted to dedicate my life to

50 Mainers Leading by Example

Maine isn’t short on independent spirit. We have a long history of artists calling Maine home, escaping to the woods and sea to find inspiration. Small businesses drive our economy, which has one of the highest percentages of self-employed workers

High Concept

Perched high within the trees on the coast of Georgetown, three clever little homes are providing ample inspiration to Maine travelers.

Castine by Pentagoet

Summertime is in full, bright swing along a deep harbor where old salts, young sailors, and world travelers gather—on boats, at the yacht club, and sometimes in a late-1800s inn with a cozy, fascinating pub.

Counting their Blessings

Four generations stay connected through their family camp in Gouldsboro

Standard Gastropub

In Italy and other parts of Europe, it’s not unusual to find a restaurant attached to a service station. In fact, while not gourmet, some surprisingly excellent meals can be found at these roadside stops. William Holmes was aware of

Maureen Drouin | Executive Director at Maine Conservation Voters and Maine Conservation Alliance

As a child, Maureen Drouin loved playing outside—swimming, hiking, fishing, and camping. Now she works to protect Maine’s natural heritage for future generations. As executive director of Maine Conservation Voters, Drouin and her colleagues have quadrupled the political advocacy group’s budget and grown its staff, as well