October 2017

Abigail & Noel

After spying each other at the movies one night in Puerto Rico in 2008, Abigail and Noel officially met—and became a couple— the following evening when fate brought them together again, this time while they were each out dancing with friends. “I … Continue reading

Maddy & John

As sophomores at the University of Richmond in Virginia, Maddy and John became friends first, and then it turned into something more. They even stayed together when life split them across continents. During a trip to Prouts Neck, where Maddy’s family has … Continue reading

Jennifer & Parker

While attending a party with her roommates who were on the Boston College sailing team, Jennifer met Parker, who was also on the team. Within weeks they were a couple. Eight years later, while vacationing in Portland, the couple decided to have a picnic … Continue reading

Sur Lie

Emil Rivera, chef at Sur Lie, is a self-professed nerd. He needs to know the “why” of everything, from cycling to physics to food science. “I geek out on the science of how things work,” Rivera tells me. “I need … Continue reading

Saco + Biddeford

Friday Afternoon: Maine Seaside Rentals is providing my fiancé Sarah, my daughter Aubrey, and me with our home for the next two days: a cottage on Biddeford Pool’s spectacular South Point. Marysue Emhiser greets us at the company’s office near Pool Lobster … Continue reading

Checks and Balances

When Tyler Karu moved into her home in Falmouth Flats, she knew she wanted to keep the color palette simple and neutral, with one exception. “Blue is my jam,” says the interior designer. She’s sitting with her feet curled up … Continue reading


This photograph was taken on Williams Mountain in a township near Jackman. Our goal was to find the fire tower at the top of the mountain. My husband and I started our hike on an old logging road, where deep water-filled … Continue reading

Finding a Path Forward

Maine’s economy has fully recovered from the lows of the Great Recession, but workforce challenges and the geographic disparity of the rebound have business leaders looking for solutions. On the positive side, the state set a new record for private … Continue reading

Shoes, to the Source

It’s Americana come to life on the second floor of a long brick building in Lewiston (pop. 36,140). The latest chapter of Maine’s centuries of hand-sewn shoe heritage is on full view. I breathe in whiffs of raw leather from … Continue reading