Katherine + Tim

REAL WEDDINGS-February 2013 Photographs by Emily Delamater October 21 | Falmouth   Katherine and Tim first met at one of his music gigs in London, where they lived at the time, leaving an impression on one another but playing geographical

Health Ahead of Time

WELLNESS-September 2012 By Sophie Nelson Photographs by Sean Alonzo Harris Susan Fekety, RN, MSN, CNM, begins our conversation with an analogy: Sometimes health issues appear like a check-engine light on your dashboard.   Some people just want to snip the


A-LIST-April 2012 Photograph by Ben Krebs 01 Prouts Neck, Scarborough It’s all there—the seaweed-crusted coast, the craggy cliffs, the frothy gray sea anxious to spray your boots and cheeks. To walk along Prouts Neck is to walk through a Winslow Homer

Harmon’s Lunch, Falmouth

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Joe Ricchio   Though I am starving, I don’t even flinch when told there will be a 20-minute wait for my cheeseburger. Instead, I sit quietly and patiently amidst a sea of senior citizens

What’s for Dinner?

WELLNESS-September 2011 By Genevieve Morgan Illustration by Jamie Hogan Local naturopath Richard Maurer answers the question, once and for all.   What should I eat? I get this question at least once a day—which is surprising, considering that most of


A-LIST-June 2010 By Joe Ricchio Photograph by Jonathan Laurence   01 Five Fifty-Five This one satisfies the “gourmet burger” category. Usually the chefs make a made-from-scratch version of a “junk-food burger.” 555 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.0555 02 Harmon’s