Conservation Land

Maine has over three million acres of conservation land. According to Dave Herring, executive director of Wolfe’s Neck Farm, the protected mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands are part of why we call Maine home. “A lot of us are here

Historic Forts

  Big and bold, historic forts line the coast of Maine. Dating back to the first and second World Wars, and even the Civil War and Colonial days, these forts each have their own unique story. Crumbling walls of granite


A-LIST-August 2013 By Katy Kelleher Photograph by Sean Thomas Photography   01 Fortune’s Rocks Beach Biddeford With a name this auspicious, it’s only natural to expect a myriad of oceanic treasures. This two-mile crescent-shaped beach stretches from Biddeford Pool to Fortune’s


A-LIST-April 2012 Photograph by Ben Krebs 01 Prouts Neck, Scarborough It’s all there—the seaweed-crusted coast, the craggy cliffs, the frothy gray sea anxious to spray your boots and cheeks. To walk along Prouts Neck is to walk through a Winslow Homer