Peaks Island

Historic Forts

  Big and bold, historic forts line the coast of Maine. Dating back to the first and second World Wars, and even the Civil War and Colonial days, these forts each have their own unique story. Crumbling walls of granite … Continue reading

Anthony + Lyndsay, Peaks Island

REAL WEDDINGS-February 2014 Photographs by Whitney Fox for Emilie Inc. Photography June 1 | Peaks Island   Anthony and Lyndsay met in 2005 while working at the same hospital. Anthony was beginning his residency at the University of Rochester while … Continue reading

Meghan + Tom

REAL WEDDINGS-February 2013 Photographs by Emilie Sommer and Megan Swann of emilie inc. photography June 16 | Peaks Island     When Tom enlisted in the military after he and Meghan graduated from Colby College, their only means of communicating … Continue reading

A Passion for Paddling

FEATURE-August 2010 By Tamsin Venn Adventurous souls navigate the wonders of Maine’s islands. “Having sea kayaked around the entire rim of the Gulf of Maine, from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, the thing that makes Maine so unique is the … Continue reading