Ice Cream

A-LIST-July 2010 By Joe Ricchio Photographs by Jonathan Laurence   01 Tubby’s Ice Cream I would recommend enjoying your Frozen Frenzy with snickers and heath bar in an Adirondack chair beside the Old Mill Pond, while listening to Kenny Loggins


A-LIST-June 2010 By Joe Ricchio Photograph by Jonathan Laurence   01 Five Fifty-Five This one satisfies the “gourmet burger” category. Usually the chefs make a made-from-scratch version of a “junk-food burger.” 555 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.0555 02 Harmon’s


A-LIST-March 2010 By Joe Ricchio Photographs by Maria Alexandra Vettese   01 Vanilla If I’m anywhere near Cumberland Avenue during one of my cupcake attacks, this is my go-to—although I don’t recommend eating them while driving. Katie Made Bakery |

Whole Grain

FEATURE-September 2009 By Peter A. Smith Photographs by Nick LaVecchia Mike LaVecchia and his crew build world-class, wooden surfboards in York. On Long Sands Beach in York, families parade through the fog carrying ice cream cones and Nerf footballs, leading

My Blue Heaven

FEAST-May 2008 (from Maine Home+Design) by Joshua Bodwell Photographs by Benedetta Spinelli The three-story Atlantic House hotel was built on York’s pristine Short Sands Beach in the late 1880s. While decades of inattention had left the building in a sad state of