July 2012

Mache Bistro

French technique and international flavors come together and prove that breaking the rules can yield some very delicious results. It is safe to say that, for most people, the word “bistro” conjures images of small Parisian cafes complete with servers … Continue reading

Neal Parent

SEE-August 2012 Neal Parent’s Captain Comes Ashore 2011, gelatin silver print, 26″ x 12″ “The photo was taken on the uninhabited island McGlathery during a lobster bake as part of a photo workshop. The fog had settled in, but for a moment … Continue reading

Mohammed Dini

Q+A-August 2012   NAME: Mohammed Dini AGE: 30 OCCUPATION: Executive director, African Diaspora Institute Mohammed Dini lived in Somalia and Kenya before moving with his family to Portland in 1997. In 2010, Dini ran in the Democratic primary for the … Continue reading


48 HOURS-August 2012 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Susan Grisanti, Leanne Ouimet + Mali Welch   Susan Grisanti, Editor-in-Chief Friday 2:30 p.m. On a bright Friday afternoon, I head north on Route 1 with my daughters, Cara and Casey, … Continue reading

Dr. Dorothy Foote

PROFILE-August 2012 By Sarah Braunstein Photographs by Matt Cosby   She exudes competence, grace, wisdom. She is an academic, a teacher, an administrator. And her life’s dream is to get the teenagers of Maine through high school. All of them. … Continue reading

Monica Wood

PROFILE-August 2012 By Catherine Gentile Photographs by Greta Rybus Breaking Down Barriers and Forming a Fellowship of Women Writers.   “Walking down the corridors and hearing 12 sets of doors locking behind me is the hardest part. But once I … Continue reading

Downeast, All the Way

LOCATION FEATURE-August 2012 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards   Fish, art, crows, and conversation in the easternmost towns on Maine’s coast. Ah, the irony. It’s the first few hours of a weekend trip to the far eastern … Continue reading

Saving Hartley Marine

FEATURE-August 2012 By Allison Paige Photographs by Jonathan Laurence The story of how one extraordinary young woman lost her father, saved his company, AND LEARNED TO TRUST HERSELF.   As a girl growing up in Boothbay Harbor, Kelsy Hartley treasured … Continue reading

Tao, Brunswick

There are certain perils involved with dining solo, especially when there is the distinct fear that you may miss something spectacular. Sans dining companion, you are officially on center stage, increasing the pressure to perform, knowing that each uneaten morsel … Continue reading