August 2013

Enoteca Athena

The Maine imbibing scene seems to be best known for two things: craft brews and creative cocktails. But for those of us who prefer wine above all else—, and yes, I am willing to out myself as an avid wine-swiller—, … Continue reading

Amanda Hallowell

Q+A-September 2013 By Drew Boulos+Sophie Nelson Photograph by Cecily Pingree   NAME: Amanda Hallowell AGE: 43 OCCUPATION: Head Cook, Nebo Lodge Amanda Hallowell is the head cook (her preferred nomenclature) at North Haven’s Nebo Lodge, an inn and restaurant that has received national … Continue reading

Ports of Italy

After a 23-year career as a server and maître d’ at BiCE, an upscale Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan, Sandre Calandri decided it was time for a change. He wanted to spend more time with his family, and was ready … Continue reading

Daniel Anselmi

SEE-September 2013   Daniel Anselmi’s April 2013, oil on paper collage on canvas, 40” x 30” “I feel the title captures the battle that erupts during April; the blackness of winter dueling with the hope of spring, each one vying for … Continue reading

Living Quietly

WELLNESS-September 2013 By Sophie Nelson Photographs by Sean Thomas Photography Surya Chandra Das, Patricia Brown, and a silent Yoga and Meditation center called Rolling Meadows Retreat     Surya Chandra Das appears beneath the trellis bare feet first, linen pants swinging … Continue reading

All Aboard

FEATURE-September 2013 By Penelope Schwartz Robinson Photography by Heather Perry Styling by Janice Dunwoody Three generations of a family on the water     The Fridlington family is gathered early on a July morning at grandparents John and Pam’s Cousins Island … Continue reading

Trek-Inspired Tour

LOCATION-September 2013 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards   Five wheel-spinning days on an across-Maine ride through towns and countryside not often on tourist routes The first questions come from the van driver from Schooner Bay Taxi as … Continue reading

The ‘Scroggin

FEATURE-September 2013 By Jaed Coffin Photographs by Fred Field Reconsidering Maine’s third-largest river For all but a few years of my life, I have lived within a mile of a river that, for the last century, was not considered very … Continue reading