December 2015

From Doctor to Patient

My yearlong cancer journey It has been a year since I sat in an Old Port restaurant, surrounded by my sisters and mother, and told my three kids I had breast cancer. It had been my intention to break the … Continue reading

Beyond the Slopes

It’s early in the morning on a very cold winter day in the Carrabassett Valley. As I sit in the dining room at 45 North sipping hot black coffee in an effort to become lucid, I observe throngs of hotel … Continue reading

Sugarloaf’s New Guard

Young families who came for the mountain and stayed for community. There is some dispute about the best way to get to Carrabassett Valley from Cumberland County, but the Mainers I know can all agree on one thing: it is … Continue reading

Flagstaff Stories Afloat

Miles of water. Quirky stories. A submerged history of east villages, and today’s eagle nests and crisscrossing trails on land and water. We’ve made it to Flagstaff Lake. Here’s just one of the Flagstaff Lake tales: in those just-before-before-the-United-States-was-born days … Continue reading