Room to Write

In a shed in her backyard, an author makes space to create.

Where Dream Boats Float

LOCATION-October 2012 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards It’s always been the smallest boats in a cove or harbor—the nutshell dinghies and tenders with oars left lying across the seat—that, for me, steal the scene. I imagine an

Mooring Locations

A-LIST-May 2012   01 Jewell Island, Portland “If you make one stop in Casco Bay, it should be Jewell Island—it never disappoints,” says captain Warner Ogden of Sea Tow Portland. At the island, anchor in Cocktail Cove, the appropriately named hangout

Brooklin Boatyard

WORKSPACE-January + February 2010 Photograph by Meggan Gould The yard specializes in custom design, building, and restoration. It—along with the town’s eight other boatyards and WoodenBoat Magazine—has transformed Brooklin into an epicenter of wooden boatbuilding.     (building) In 1960,

Heidi Julavits

PROFILE-September 2009 Photographs by Nathan Eldridge Writer, editor, mother, Mainer Discussed: Brooklin, New York, boatbuilding, fog, neighbors, The Uses of Enchantment, and getting lost. Heidi Julavits grew up in Portland and has written three novels, The Mineral Palace, The Effect of Living