At Home On Hawk Ridge

Not far from Bradbury Mountain, in the woods of Pownal, is a small homestead located at the end of a dirt road. A broad swath of lawn edges up against a carefully laid garden, featuring hay-cushioned rows of beans and zucchini. … Continue reading

Stargazing Lookouts

by Kelly Clinton | Photograph by Trent Bell   In the dense forests, out on the ocean or in the middle of a lake on a boat, lie on your back and look up—Maine’s night sky swarms with stars. This … Continue reading

Edna and Lucy’s, Pownal

Posted on January 26, 2012 by Joe Ricchio   I can declare with utmost certainty that, after a year of eating my way through a large portion of Edna and Lucy’s delicious offerings, it was the spicy beef chili that … Continue reading