A-LIST-July 2012 By Joe Hebert   01 Pleasant Lake, Island Falls On the fringes of Island Falls, just half an hour or so from the New Brunswick, Canada, border, lies Pleasant Lake. Frozen from December to May, the lake attracts ice fisherman

The S-Factor

LOCATION-January + February 2012 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards Slope-side stories of epic snows, fireside proposals, and smoky barbecue for the ski and snowboard set SADDLEBACK | SUNDAY RIVER | SUGARLOAF   On this Wednesday evening, the


LISTEN-August 2011 Text + photograph by Bryan Bruchman Bryan Bruchman doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to music happenings around Maine. Every issue, he fills the calendar with the best concerts, album releases, and news from your favorite artists

48 Hours In…Rangeley

May 2011 | By Melissa Coleman  | Illustration by Josh Brill 48 hours of our favorite places to stay, eat, fish, or tie the knot May is a quiet month in Rangeley, Maine. The hum of snowmobiles has faded from

Shannon Rankin

SEE-July 2010 By Deborah Weisgall Uncharted Series, Basin (and detail)  2009, adhesive, paper, 20”x20”  Shannon Rankin was born in California. When she was 9, she moved to Vermont. After high school, she moved to Florida, then returned to New England