Enjoying the Royal

Communities collaborate to create access to nature and nourishment for the soul.

Inland to Island

On Littlejohn Island, a longtime Yarmouth couple discovers the upshot of downsizing. 

Around the World and Home Again

The adventurous life of Maine-based photographer David McLain David McLain’s office is in the back of an old barn attached to the 225-year-old North Yarmouth farmhouse he shares with his wife, Anne, and their two children, Finn and Myla. It is

Sledding Spots

In the months that Maine is covered in white and landscapes are quiet and frozen, hillsides come to life—busy with colorful sleds and kids bundled up in snowsuits. Sledding has been a winter cabin-fever cure for generations. From organized hills

Royal River Grill House

The Royal River Grill House has an enviable location. The Royal River in Yarmouth is home to three different marinas and big picture windows in the restaurant overlook them all. There are lobster boats, sailboats, power boats of all sizes,


The buzz starts right at 5 p.m. Young families show up as the doors open, eager to enjoy an early dinner and still get the kids to bed on time. An hour later, couples and a few small groups gather

Cross-Country Skiing + Snowshoe Trails

  Throughout the state, trails wind through forests, uphill to views, downhill to base; they extend over bridges and snake alongside streams. As temperatures dip and snow spills over the state, trails serve a new purpose: cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Oscar’’s New American

I interpret it as a good a sign that when chef Nick Krunkkala is describing his menu to me, I get the impression that he is making himself really, really hungry. This is the kind of person that you want

The Family That Sails Together

FEATURE-August 2013 By Penelope Schwartz Robinson Photographs by Greta Rybus Living for eight months on a sailboat with your family makes for “good glue”   There was a cold chop in the water off Northeast Harbor on November 4, 2006,