September 2018

Jessica & Patrick

Jessica and Patrick met in 2013 while they worked for an IT security firm in Boston. During their first few months together, they talked about a shared dream of exploring the country and moving to a new state. They soon … Continue reading

Hailey & Pouria

Hailey and Pouria met in ninth grade biology class and started dating in 2008 as sophomores in high school in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. As their relationship grew, their parents also became close friends. “The bond
our families have formed … Continue reading

Emily & Tyler

Emily and Tyler had their first date in Camden in May 2015, near where Emily was living in Belfast. Tyler was stationed in Portland with the U.S. Coast Guard, so the couple saw each other on weekends for the first … Continue reading

Joelle & Johnny

Joelle and Johnny met at Reggae Fest 2014 at Sugarloaf and had their first date at Fiddlehead Restaurant in Bangor, where Joelle was living. The evening went so well that Johnny stayed at his family’s home, on the Penobscot Native … Continue reading

Kirsten & Anthony

Kirsten and Anthony met by chance one night at a league hockey game in South Dakota, where he was playing goalie. A week later, they met again at a mutual friend’s birthday party. After a few minutes of talking
at the … Continue reading

Tom Moser

Before Tom Moser pursued wood-working full time, he was teaching speech and communications at Bates College. He and his wife, Mary, had been refinishing and selling antique furniture from their home workshop when he took a year-long sabbatical to see … Continue reading

Susan J. Hunter

Besides a ten-month stint as a vice chancellor for the University of Maine System, Susan J. Hunter spent her entire professional career on the University of Maine’s Orono campus. Hunter, who became the flagship university’s first woman president in 2014, retired this … Continue reading