Food Trucks

Food truck menus are small but mighty, much like the teams that own and operate them. The entrepreneurs behind these mobile restaurants focus on quality ingredients and thoughtful offerings.

Ferry, Harbor, Quarry, Love

Catching the boat for an end-of-summer visit to Vinalhaven, a granite island about 12 miles offshore from Rockland

From Away

Phil Crossman, philosopher of Carvers Harbor, observes Vinalhaven from his perch at Tidewater Motel

Conservation Land

Maine has over three million acres of conservation land. According to Dave Herring, executive director of Wolfe’s Neck Farm, the protected mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands are part of why we call Maine home. “A lot of us are here

North Haven +Vinalhaven

48 HOURS-featured in the 48HRS issue Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Steve Kelly     Steve Kelly Associate Publisher The last time I was on North Haven was ten years ago. I drove a large U-Haul on to the