Ferry, Harbor, Quarry, Love

I keep finding myself looking for the little black cat—the one written about by author Margaret Wise Brown, who spent more than a dozen summers on Vinalhaven and who penned The Little Fisherman, Goodnight Moon, and dozens of other classic … Continue reading

From Away

To his everlasting regret, Phil Crossman, 73, was not born on Vinalhaven. He admits that he arrived on the island when he was already four, in the company of his mother and father and one of his three brothers—the other … Continue reading

The Reinventions of John Wulp

I first met the protean artist John Wulp two decades ago, after he had begun directing student plays on North Haven Island. Wulp drew astonishing performances out of his young cast members, which misted the eyes of hardened lobstermen and boatbuilders … Continue reading

Conservation Land

Maine has over three million acres of conservation land. According to Dave Herring, executive director of Wolfe’s Neck Farm, the protected mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands are part of why we call Maine home. “A lot of us are here … Continue reading

Marsden Hartley

SEE-September 2009   Marsden Hartley City Point, Vinalhaven 1937–1938, oil on board, 18” x 24”. Gift of the Alex Katz Foundation Marsden Hartley (b. Lewiston, Maine, 1877) was a painter, poet, and essayist who traveled the world seeking spiritual and transcendental … Continue reading