Down at the Drive-In

FEATURE-August 2011 By Tyler Boucher Photographs by Matt Kalinowski Maine has a surprising number of historic drive-in theaters—five steadfast theaters remain in operation today, despite some lean years since their inception. WESTBROOK Westbrook’s Prides Corner Drive-In holds 550 cars—the largest

Vinyl State

FEATURE-May 2011 By Sandy Lang Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards What happens when a 1970s- era record player spurs a weekend search for vinyl vendors? This yarn just might need a soundtrack.   Play a record, and you can almost 


By Joe Riccio Siam Square Thai Food Restaurant Some of the best Thai food I’ve had in Maine is found here, and I think I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to their red curry with duck. Seriously, I’ve been back four

Brothers Tranchemontagne

EAT-November + December 2010 By Annemarie Ahearn Photographs by Kristin Teig With a set of pinball machines along with doughnuts made to order, two brothers in Westbrook serve up fare inspired by their mother’s home cooking at the French Press

Andrew Jawitz

PROFILE-October 2010 By Kathleen Mackay Photographs by Mark Yaggie Although Andrew Jawitz, a thirty-one-year-old folklorist and enthnomusicologist, had studied the rich traditions of Southern country music at Goddard   College and Columbia University, he often lamented one thing. “I wished


A-LIST-June 2010 By Joe Ricchio Photograph by Jonathan Laurence   01 Five Fifty-Five This one satisfies the “gourmet burger” category. Usually the chefs make a made-from-scratch version of a “junk-food burger.” 555 Congress St. | Portland | 207.761.0555 02 Harmon’s

Photo-A-Go-Go Keeps on Going

  FEATURE-November + December 2009 By Jessica Tomlinson Photographs by Scott Peterman On December II, 2009, the bakery photographic collective in Westbrook hosts its tenth annual auction, the season’s go-to benefit auction, one that’s been cleverly disguised as a killer