September 2014

Town Landings

Mainers have the privilege of witnessing the sense of community that oceanside towns possess—a type of community that can seldom be found anywhere else. Within these seaside enclaves, the town landing provides a meeting ground for locals and visitors, a … Continue reading

Stories from the Unsung Heroes of Vacationland

In a state that sees millions of visitors every year, the hospitality industry is not just important; it’s personal. True story: One summer not too long ago, a husband and wife drove many hours to Maine. They stayed in an inn … Continue reading


Settled directly alongside the harbor in the small, picturesque fishing town of Stonington, surrounded by numerous tiny farms, you will find Devin Finigan’s restaurant, Aragosta. As I step inside, I am reminded, once again, that the best of what Maine … Continue reading

Bigelow Laboratory

40 Years of Global Ocean Research in Boothbay I first learned about the Bigelow Laboratory as an undergraduate at Bowdoin College. A biology major, one of my campus jobs was cleaning test tubes for a professor who performed research in … Continue reading

Lakes, Islands, Mountains, Moosehead

The ancient mountains and cliffs above Moosehead are tempting us. How do we get closer? For starters, we’ll need a motorboat and a floatplane. Nearly 70 years old, the old bird just doesn’t want to start when it’s this hot … Continue reading