February 2018

Brunswick + Topsham

Friday  Evening My wife, Elyssa, and I check into the Brunswick Hotel and Tavern, our home for the next 48 hours. Our room is spacious and comfortable, with views down Maine Street and toward the free public ice rink constructed … Continue reading


Friday Evening A new venture from the creative couple behind Portland Hunt and Alpine Club, the West End’s Little Giant is bright and welcoming on this 10-degree evening. Bar manager Max Overstrom-Coleman greets my boyfriend, Sean McCarthy, and me and … Continue reading

Mocktails Around Maine

Vena’s Fizz House | Portland Originally serving mocktails exclusively, owners Johanna and Steve Corman have since added alcoholic drinks to the menu, but mocktails, drinking vinegars, and fizzes—juices spiced up with bitters—still entice patrons. Our pick: Try the Prickly Pear-tini, … Continue reading


I captured this photo of the supermoon on January 2 at 7:15 a.m., right before sunrise. I planned this shot, waking up extra early just for this photograph. I checked my phone’s weather and coordinates application for positioning, and then … Continue reading

Nina June

Today, like most days, Sara Jenkins is kneading pasta dough in the kitchen of her Rockport restaurant, Nīna June. While she works the dough to a smooth consistency, she tells the story of the wheat harvest in the Tuscan village … Continue reading

Celebrating Big Skies

Twelve miles from the mainland, overlooking the Lanes Island Preserve, stands a grand white house named Rockaway. Neoclassical corner boards flank the front steps, and two tall spruces stand guard nearby, towering over a gabled roof and reaching toward the … Continue reading

Fishing Life, Chebeague

Maybe you heard the wild story last summer. While lobstering off the east end of Chebeague Island about 15 miles northeast of Portland, boat captain Alex Todd hoisted one of his 800 traps to find that he’d caught a rare, almost … Continue reading

Island Magnets

Islesboro’s magnet school program, which attracts upwards of 30 students who commute daily to the island from the mainland, is located in a lovely renovated stone mansion with a recent addition to accommodate this innovative educational program. The success of … Continue reading

The Reinventions of John Wulp

I first met the protean artist John Wulp two decades ago, after he had begun directing student plays on North Haven Island. Wulp drew astonishing performances out of his young cast members, which misted the eyes of hardened lobstermen and boatbuilders … Continue reading

Island Harvest

The fields are green and gold, unfurling from beneath a modern timber-frame barn toward the shores of the Fox Islands Thorofare. An iconic New England stone wall climbs and dips across the land, where Native Americans lived more than 6,000 … Continue reading