February 2016

Winter Camp

Two frozen nights in a yurt in Durham. Sometime after midnight, I raise my arm outside of the blankets to test the temperature. The chilled air is a cold contrast to the nest of warm flannel and down that I’’ve … Continue reading

Congress Squared

The recent renovation transforming the historic Eastland Hotel into the sleek new Westin Harborview also worked its magic on its street-level restaurant, Congress Squared. The Top of the East gets all the glory, but a strong case can be made … Continue reading

Jonathan Edwards

On the Air with Jonathan Edwards: Jonathan Edwards has been writing hit songs and playing for audiences all over the country for almost five decades. He has lived in 18 zip codes and released the same number of albums. His … Continue reading

The Black Birch

Teamwork, dedication to the profession, and sensational food Tiny Wallingford Square in Kittery, where you can practically shout across the Piscataqua River to New Hampshire, has become a hot destination in the past few years. Independent shops, cafes, and restaurants … Continue reading

The Kennebunks

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are the towns I grew up in, where I biked, walked, skated, drove endless loops around the coastal roads, worked at over half a dozen restaurants, and where my wife and I were married. I’m brimming with … Continue reading