Paddle Boarding

Whether by river, lake, or sea, being atop a paddle board affords higher perspective (good for wildlife spotting) and also easy access in and out of the water (making cooling off easy). There are protected, calm harbors and inlets for

Kennebunk + Kennebunkport

It’s been four years since my last 48HRS in these seaside towns. That was pre-parenthood; this time my husband, Steve, and I will have our three-year-old daughter with us. I’m looking forward to some quality family time in a place

Sledding Spots

In the months that Maine is covered in white and landscapes are quiet and frozen, hillsides come to life—busy with colorful sleds and kids bundled up in snowsuits. Sledding has been a winter cabin-fever cure for generations. From organized hills

The Kennebunks

Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are the towns I grew up in, where I biked, walked, skated, drove endless loops around the coastal roads, worked at over half a dozen restaurants, and where my wife and I were married. I’m brimming with

Conservation Land

Maine has over three million acres of conservation land. According to Dave Herring, executive director of Wolfe’s Neck Farm, the protected mountains, rivers, beaches, and islands are part of why we call Maine home. “A lot of us are here