Camden + Rockport

As I drive up I-295 North, the snowflakes are thick, sliding off my windshield and sticking to the roadside. The drive is slow, but there’s something exhilarating about driving north for a weekend of adventure.

Midcoast Wellness

To me, wellness is about getting outside and being active, learning from intelligent health professionals, indulging in local wholesome meals, and enjoying the scenery along the way. I am heading to the midcoast, a destination that is becoming a hub … Continue reading

Hurricane Island

Everywhere you look, you stumble upon archeological troves of carved monuments and massive plinths from the island’s industrial granite era, now partially covered by feral roses and raspberry bushes. On the hillside sloping down to the main wharf, weathered shingled … Continue reading

Pig + Poet

“If there is one thing that is absolutely certain in my life, it’s that I know I make damn good fried chicken.” After savoring Pig and Poet chef Sam Talbot’s interpretation of the time-honored Southern classic, I am inclined to … Continue reading

Long Grain

It has become a common thing for those who live in Camden to cap significant life events with a meal at Long Grain. They go to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, as well as new jobs and journeys. They go to … Continue reading

Art To Live In: Marilyn Moss + Bill Moss

Marilyn Moss Rockefeller, Bill Moss, and the making of an iconic Maine brand   Marilyn Moss Rockefeller lives in the Camden hills, in a house with many windows, paintings, and dogs. Through the windows of her library, we can see … Continue reading